Pushups are Back on the menu…

Hundred Pushup Program

Today: 20, 25, 15, 15, 30 with 90s rest in between.

Back on the horse after heart surgery in June.


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Bilingual Girl Puts This Chinese Woman In Her Place With This Brilliant Response.

Careful what you say even if you dont think people understand you.


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Makes me want to get the Tent out…

I really need to do some camping….I guess it isn’t really “winter camping” in Southern California…. 😉


Winter isn’t known as camping season, but just because the temperatures dip, it doesn’t mean you have to pack your tent away. If you haven’t gone camping in the winter before, I have 5 reasons you should try it this season…..

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From a few years ago….when I lived somewhere it got cold….

Renting the Coffee

It was cold outside
And because the kids were away
It was quiet in the house
And it would be all day.

I was working from home
with three cats sleeping near
That I’d be getting lots done
was ever so clear.

So I routed the laundry
While I reviewed a technical doc
Planned out my day
Using my calendar and clock.

There’d be time for a workout
and a quick bite to eat.
But mostly there’d be email, reports, and phone calls
while I sat in my seat.

So I wrote this quick poem
To add a little fun
While I considered the weather
and whether it was too cold to run.

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Where did 2015 go?

Wow, I’ve been really bad at posting….I’ll have to fix that. There’s lots to update….Watch this space. Oh, and Happy Festivus!


red coffee cup

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Working Out in Asia…while eating and eating….

ImageI’ve managed to maintain my workout schedule despite being in India for work. You can follow my progress on the facebook page if you’re interested. It can be particularly challenging to keep fit while working long hours away from home, eating at hotels/restaurants, in conference rooms with few choices….sometimes as the guest of someone who wants to show you every bit of really good local cuisine. Now, you can’t out-exercise out-of-control eating (we’re way more efficient at eating than at burning those calories), sticking to one’s exercise program….even a modified version of it….is essential.

I’ve tried to use the whole jet lag thing here in India to my advantage. Since my internal clock is all off anyway, I’ve attempted to reset it (as much as possible) to getting up and to the gym by 5 AM (sometimes 4 AM). All in all, I’m still in the game on keeping fit and dropping the 20 lbs I gained while I was injured (plus the 5-10 I had before that)….even if I’m just in a holding pattern until I can get back to paring my exercise with healthier eating. I could go through “7 things to do to prevent business travel from derailing your fitness goals”, but its been done….*a lot*. Here’s one from CNN. I just wanted to put myself out there as someone who’s doing it for real (with all the bumps in the road, setbacks, etc.)….and sticking with it. Perhaps posting it here gives me a little more incentive to stick with it.

With the return to targeted, high-intensity training after recovering from my knee and shoulder/chest injuries, I am hoping to be back at my “fighting weight” and in my best Tough Mudder form in a few months….and with a little diligence and discipline (and tact so that none of my hosts are offended that I didn’t eat all the food they put in front of me), I’m sure I will.

ImageStick with it, my friends…and remember, we’re only renting the coffee.

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Happy New Year!

Hello All!. After over a year off relating to the main blog (this page), it is time to reconnect with it. Mind you, I have maintained a presence on Facebook fairly frequently (feel free to follow me there too)…and I  will continue to do so, but I’m going to be re-adding some longer pieces here in 2014.

2013 has been a very busy year for me, during which I’ve come in to my groove on the West Coast (after relocating to Orange County, CA from NJ in late 2012), found my stride in the new job (that necessitated the move in the first place), turned 40, had some training injuries (knee and then chest/shoulder) and the associated recoveries, and have generally refocused my life. 2014 is going to be a good year….And you can be sure that I’ll be renting the highest quality coffee possible.


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