With the dawning of the new year and the resultant flurry of resolutions and all that, I’ve been thinking a lot of late habits. Essentially, habits are the things we do by default; automatically or nearly automatically….whether good, bad, or ugly.

And in that thinking, I’ve decided to live more consciously, to be more actively present in my own life, to live more deliberately, to do it “on purpose”, to live life more simply, with elegance and economy, and to remove the clutter (both physical and otherwise) that gets in the way of that. Now that’s a big habit to tackle all at once, so I’m going to think of this “mega-habit” as a goal consisting of lots of little habits. I’ll be posting about those here.

Now, there is some disagreement about how long it takes to form a new habit or replace a bad one with a good one (some say 21 days; some 56 days for optimal habit forming), but one thing seems clear, it is very difficult to focus on more than one at a time. So, with that in mind and supplemental research online, I’ve decided that that I will dedicate each month of the year to a different habit. I’ll undoubtedly work a bit on more than one, but I really will be focusing on a single habit and cultivate it wholeheartedly.

Now this may sound like a “resolution”, but I’m not thinking about it like that. Resolutions often seem so hollow and planless. I have a plan in mind and I’ll be working through it and sharing it here with you.

All the Best.

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