My GTD-Q Results

2011 has been really great so far. I’m enjoying my newly committed writing habit and making forays into some of the upcoming habits. Namely, I’ve been getting up (and getting my wife up per her request) at 5:30. I did 50 pushups, had some quiet time (meditation might be a stretch), and ate an egg within 90 minutes of rising. I also got a decent cardio session (eliptical) in over lunch. I ate 5 small meals today….Looking good on that front (C+ or better).

As discussed, I’m also interested in personal effectiveness and clearing the clutter. Part of that is GTD for me. So I took the GTD quiz yesterday. Here are my results….they seems about right.

Your GTD-Q® Results

Congratulations! Your levels of control and perspective are displayed on this simple matrix of control (low to high levels) and perspective (low to high levels). The matrix has four quadrants. Take a look at the quadrant in which your results are displayed, then look up the quadrant descriptor for more insights and great information.

Perspective: 3

Control: 2

Quadrant: Visionary / Crazy-Maker



Interpreting Your Results

Your “perspective” score was 3 and your “control” score was 2. This means you have scored in the “Visionary / Crazy-Maker” quadrant.

On the positive side, you are a Visionary—you have no shortage of ideas and inspiration. You’re probably pretty good at setting goals, being creative, and focused on “the most important thing.”

On the developmental side, you are a Crazy Maker. The challenge is that your ideas, projects, and commitments may be outstripping your ability to keep up with them. Along with the inspiration of what you’re envisioning, there may be things falling through the cracks, details being missed, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. Other people in your life may have pointed out to you that you don’t adequately consider constraints or limitations when making commitments. And that contributes to overloading those around you.

GTD can offer you a sane way of complimenting your strong perspective with improved control. You can use a systematic, but flexible approach to capture and consider all the commitments you want to make. This should help you get better traction bringing your ideas to life. And the efficiency you realize will help you avoid the title “Crazy Maker” as you build a better track record at handling requests and delegating to others in a timely manner.

Remember, it is not about what quadrant you are in – it’s about knowing how to move from where you are to where you want to be. GTD can help. More information about the quadrants is also available here.

We offer an expanded version of the GTD-Q assessment on GTD Connect—our online learning center. The expanded version will track your results each time you take the test, and give you customized analysis of your most recent scores to see your progress and growth.

For more GTD information, content and suggestions, be sure to visit

I recommend the quiz to all of you who are interested in GTD

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