One of the most common bits of advice given to creators of new blogs is to keep it focused. It’s a way of branding yourself and your blog.

“She’s the flight attendant who blogs about travel” or “He’s the guy who blogs about restoring classic cars” or “that’s the blog where they post those lolcat funny cat pics” each could make for great individual blog themes. When you mix them on a single blog, there’s somewhat of a dilution factor for each of your audience segments (e.g., “Where’s the cat pictures and what’s a Studebaker?”)

With that thought in mind, I’ve been a little concerned that my intended scope for this blog might be too broad. I mean, I want to talk about habits, and philosophy, and awareness, and personal effectiveness, and tools, and self improvement, fitness, and…Is there a strong enough theme to focus a blog?

Well, I’ve spent some time thinking about it and come to the following conclusion. There is a very strong theme that resonates with me and I think will resonate with others that ties it all together. This blog is about improving the human condition. It is about making life better through making oneself better. The things I’m talking about here are all connected by a common denominator – humanity and our journey to understand more, be more in tune, more aware, more effective, stronger, healthier, more fulfilled. What could be better to blog about than that?

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One Response to Focus

  1. marjnhomer says:

    thats so true. my blog has many topics which all have in common the theme of me and what i want my audience to know about me.. good luck!

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