I’ve gotten a little off track with my post-a-day, but I have been doing some writing (for work that would be inappropriate to post here ). Anyway, in getting back to my post-aday, I’ll put a couple of doublepost days in to make amends. A good way to do this would be to update on the status of my current “Body Habits” (Exercize/Eat/Drink).

For this post, I’ll focus on exercise. I’ve changed up what I had been doing. I’ve started doing weights heavier, more sets (5-7), fewer reps (3-5), and shorter rests between sets (30-40 seconds). I do pullups, dips, squats, leg extenstions, leg curls, Military Press, and dumbell flies (chest). I’d probably do abs too, but I’ve got bruised ribs so I’m waiting for them to heal. I’ll be sore for a few days, during which I’ll do cardio. Rinse, repeat. Once those exercizes start to feel easy or boring, I’ll have to swap them out, but I’ll want to keep them focused on big muscle groups.

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