Get Everything Done

I’ve been a fan of Mark Forster’s book “Do it Tomorrow” and its core concept of movingaway from the traditional “To do list” and to a “Will do list” (among others). Recently, I visited his website and took note of the personal management systems that he’s posted there free of charge.

Currently, I’m going through them to see if there’s anything that can be adopted for my hybrid Windows/Outlook (at work), Ubuntu (at home), notcard/legalpad capture, hobbled blackberry tracking system…Yeah, it sounds like a mess. While it certainly has room for improvement, it seems to work ok.

What I really am looking for is a better electronic tool. My work-provided (and mandated) eTools are really the week link and stumbling block in the whole thing. I have a request for a newer smaller laptop in with our IT organization. Hopefully, it will work better or at least make more room for a personal tool that will.

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3 Responses to Get Everything Done

  1. kartik sharma says:

    this is interesting , liked that…. 🙂

  2. kartik sharma says:

    Do u have soft copy of this book, would like to read that stufff… thanks 🙂

    • coffeerenting says:

      Sorry, I do not, but a lot of the material is available on Mark’s website (see the link in my original post). Good luck!

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