Gimmicks for Notecards

I wrote about the status of my personal management system using notecards, legal pads, and the sub-par electronica required by my employer (gotta keep your Outlook Calendar up to date…even when it crashes) here: Notecards, Legal Pads, and Outlook | Renting the Coffee.

I wanted to mention some gimmicks that I found really helped with the notcards (and limiting their number….which for me is key):

1) Have a master list card of of all the categories in use. Every card needs to fit into one of those boxes. If it doesn’t I consider adding a new category or expanding the meaning of an existing category to contain it.

2) All of my cards are either Action Items Lists (within a certain context, like “home”, or “finance”, or “Project X”) OR they are a “CAPTURE” card that must be processed into action items during my daily processing time(s)

3) I leave cards and pens everywhere. I like lots of different types of cards so I have lots of different ways to capture things. I keep them in my wallet and in my work binder. I always have a pen with me and in all the key places where I work or might work. Capture, Capture, Capture….

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