Pre-Midyear Review part 2 – Fitness

OK. So here were my starting goals from Jan -�Pre-Midyear Review. �I’ve had some setbacks, but am still making progress on the list. As for item #7 (Physical Fitness), I’m in better shape than I was at the beginning of the year as I’ve been working out more regularly (as evidenced by my jeans fitting quite a bit looser).

Today, those who have been following my twitter feed may have noted that I’m looking to do the Tough Mudder event (November?) and that to train I’ve started Simon Waterson’s “Commando Workout”.  I’m modifying it a bit. Waterson recommends two 30 minute workout sessions/day (cardio AM, resistance PM), but my schedule works better with one hour session midday. I’ll do this for a bout a month and reassess.

Currently, my bathroom scale rates me at 194 lb and 22% body fat. I realize that these numbers may be somewhat inaccurate, but as long as they come down, I’ll know I’m going in the right direction.

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