Renting the Pizza

My daughter and I are pizza fiends. (I’m actually on my way out shortly to pick one up). Sitting together, just the two of us in a pizza parlour, eating slices and watching the people while we talk and just be together. She’s 7 and I’m 38…who knew we had so much in common?

Anyway, I’ve been talking with her about my discoveries on “Slice”, the Serious Eats Pizza Blog and we’ve decided to start formally rating pizza together. My wife has even gotten interested. So this should be a lot of fun.

We’ve come up with the following five criteria: Crust, Sauce, Cheese, Toppings, Interplay. Each is rated 1-5 (whole numbers only):

1) I would actively avoid this pizza

2) I would eat this in a pinch, but wouldn’t consider it to be “good”

3) This is solid pizza. If I wanted pizza, I would order this and enjoy it.

4) This is really good pizza and I would seek it out if hungry whether for pizza or not.

5) This is among the best pizza ever.

Obviously, there’s a subjective slant to this, but what isn’t on some level subjective. In any case, I’ll be providing more details and some actual ratings as we go…

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