California Dreaming

Well, I’ve been absent from this blog for some time now. Work has been crazy….way too crazy. Actually crazy is a mild way to put it, because everyone has some crazy stuff at work. I’ve had bat-shit crazy at work and that is never a good thing. Stress was very high. Alcohol consumption followed suit with the stress. Workouts were ok, but I’d ceased to make any real gains in fitness. On top of that, I wasn’t really doing much socially either. I was in a rut and a bad one at that.

A funny thing often happens when you get into a rut, if you’re paying attention. An opportunity will present itself; often quietly and often in the guise of something silly, something not even worth considering. That’s what happened to me and I decided to make a change.  After nearly 15 years of calling New Jersey my home, I took a new job and moved my family to sunny Southern California.

The move itself has been fast, furious, and full of stress. That being said, we’re on the tail end of it now (closing on our house in a little over a week). We’re already seeing the positives manifest. Although  a relocation company was moving our stuff, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of it. Stress levels are decreasing. Alcohol consumption as well. I’m getting up earlier and running in the AM (which I’ve always found difficult). There’s actually time for both my wife and I to run (one after the other). I’m also finding I’m running farther and more often. All good things.

I guess the take home is that it is important to step back, to reset…and yes, sometimes to change course. Life is an adventure. It is temporal and brief. And most of all, remember that we’re only renting the coffee.

Be Well!

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